, May 10, 2022

The Ukraine-Russia-USA Conflict, Part 13b: Western Censorship via Mainstream Media, Fake Factcheckers and ‘Education’

Following the discussion of 1) political and state censorship in the previous part 13a, section 15.1, this article will discuss censorship by the next three traditional sources or institutions of manifacturing consent: 2) Mainstream media, 3) fake factchecking and anti-disinformation bodies and de facto political lobbying groups as well as 4) education and academia. Censorship by 5) big tech and social media will be covered in the ensuing part 13c, section 15.5.

15.2 (Liberal) Mainstream Media (MSM) Censorship and Cancel Culture

By the way:

It is the same with “public relations,” which is little but a nicer sounding term or expression for “propaganda.”

Instances of getting cancelled by MSM, such as the following one where MSM’s attempt to manufacture consent would most likely have been undermined, can also be subsumed under the category of MSM censorship:;;;

A similar case of getting cancelled:;

As a general measure of how ridiculously bad the situation is: The Associated Press, one of the top two international news agencies which distributes ‘news’/Western propaganda, does not even have a proper concept of “free speech” which actually does include verbally “attacking” others and “disagreeing” with them:;;

15.2.1 MSM’s Censorship and Smearing of Individuals

Such a totally twisted and perverted understanding of free speech by liberal establishment authoritarians serves as one of the foundations for Western mainstream media censorship which also includes the smearing or maligning of especially those who are perceived as threat to that parasitic elite censorship regime:;

The NYT article in question:;;

As also correctly remarked by Greenwald, MSM censorship generally functions as an extension of political and state or corporate censorship:;

Typically though, the censored and smeared individuals are not oligarchs from a slightly different faction of the establishment but from the 99%. Such blatant censorship for instance occurred on Australian live television and further confirms Western mainstream media’s main function of manufacturing consent for parasitic elites and their sick (pro-conflict and -war) agendas:;;;;;;

It is also academics such as Justin Schlossberg who do not adhere to 1%-sanctioned Orwellian goodthink against which such mostly bad faith McCarthyite smears are directed just like back in the 1950s. The culprit in this case was the trashy and increasingly North Korean BBC:;

Note that, in my “Orwellian badthink” and using similar evidence, I independently arrived at identical conclusions about Bucha (part 8, section 10.3) — a “thought crime” for which I in turn was censored by the US empire security state affiliated medium of Twitter (part 13c, section 15.5.7).;;

As for why the “cynical” BBC did not just accidentally misinform in good faith but intentionally disinformed and smeared like the bad faith actor that it is especially in cases such as these:;;;

The trash that works for the BBC even went as far as defaming and slandering Justin Schlosberg before his employer in the usual evidence-free and -ignoring manner — a move for which they will hopefully be sued for libel and damages:;;;;;

Again, keep in mind that what the BBC did was in all likelihood not an “accident” or mistake, but intentional bad faith slandering and disinformation in, insanely but fittingly for our Orwellian world, a program about disinformation:;;;

So the thing to understand here is that Western mainstream media’s claims about alleged disinformation are themselves often enough disinformation. The occasional later and partial retraction does little to nothing to correct that:;;;

Another such example involves the British Guardian newspaper engaging in wild and evidence-free disinformation conspiracy theories about independent journalist Aaron Maté in an attempt to cancel and censor him and his vital work in a clear case of journalistic malpractice:;;

On April 7, 2018, Douma, a city of 100,000 people not far from Damascus, was allegedly attacked with chemical weapons. The OPCW responded by dispatching a team of scientists who concluded in their investigative report that 43 people reportedly killed in the attack were unlikely to have died from chemical weapons. Experts from the OPCW Douma team discovered that instead of this report, the OPCW management intended to publish a falsified report stating that chemical weapons had been used. This deception was prevented by OPCW scientists. Eventually, however, the final report contained manipulated accounts of the attack and unscientific conclusions regarding the chemical substances found, the demonstrated toxicology and the ballistics.

Interestingly, there appears to have a conflict between Mark Townsend and the British Home Office in 2021 in which Townsend was accused of journalistic malpractice:

Others also noticed and commented on the Guardian’s and Mark Townsend’s journalistic malpractice and smearing attempt:

A longer analysis was provided by the independent journalist Caitlin Johnstone:;;;;;;;;

The UK security services targeted The Guardian after the newspaper started publishing the contents of secret US government documents leaked by National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden in June 2013.

Snowden’s bombshell revelations continued for months and were the largest-ever leak of classified material covering the NSA and its UK equivalent, the Government Communications Headquarters. They revealed programmes of mass surveillance operated by both agencies.

According to minutes of meetings of the UK’s Defence and Security Media Advisory Committee, the revelations caused alarm in the British security services and Ministry of Defence.

“This event was very concerning because at the outset The Guardian avoided engaging with the [committee] before publishing the first tranche of information,” state minutes of a 7 November 2013 meeting at the MOD.

The DSMA Committee, more commonly known as the D-Notice Committee, is run by the MOD, where it meets every six months. A small number of journalists are also invited to sit on the committee. Its stated purpose is to “prevent inadvertent public disclosure of information that would compromise UK military and intelligence operations”. It can issue “notices” to the media to encourage them not to publish certain information.


The security services ratcheted up their “considerable efforts” to deal with the exposures.

On 20 July 2013, GCHQ officials entered The Guardian’s offices at King’s Cross in London, six weeks after the first Snowden-related article had been published.

At the request of the government and security services, Guardian deputy editor Paul Johnson, along with two others, spent three hours destroying the laptops containing the Snowden documents.

The Guardian staffers, according to one of the newspaper’s reporters, brought “angle-grinders, dremels — drills with revolving bits — and masks”. The reporter added, “The spy agency provided one piece of hi-tech equipment, a ‘degausser’, which destroys magnetic fields and erases data.”


The increasingly aggressive overtures made to The Guardian worked. The committee chair noted that after GCHQ had overseen the smashing up of the newspaper’s laptops “engagement … with The Guardian had continued to strengthen”.

Moreover, he added, there were now “regular dialogues between the secretary and deputy secretaries and Guardian journalists”. Rusbridger later testified to the Home Affairs Committee that Air Vice-Marshal Vallance of the D-Notice committee and himself “collaborated” in the aftermath of the Snowden affair and that Vallance had even “been at The Guardian offices to talk to all our reporters”.

But the most important part of this charm and threat offensive was getting The Guardian to agree to take a seat on the D-Notice Committee itself. The committee minutes are explicit on this, noting that “the process had culminated by [sic] the appointment of Paul Johnson (deputy editor Guardian News and Media) as a DPBAC [i.e. D-Notice Committee] member”.

At some point in 2013 or early 2014, Johnson — the same deputy editor who had smashed up his newspaper’s computers under the watchful gaze of British intelligence agents — was approached to take up a seat on the committee. Johnson attended his first meeting in May 2014 and was to remain on it until October 2018.

So it’s basically censorship for ‘national’ security and the smearing of all those who do not self-censor and who instead continue to be actual journalists.

15.2.2 MSM’s Censorship and Smearing of Independent Media

MSM institutions and manufacturers of consent furthermore attempt to censor and smear their non-censoring and consequently much healthier and relevant competition such as RT, The Greyzone, GetCallin, Rumble, Substack or individual journalists:;

A particularly impressive and insane example of attempted MSM censorship was provided by the fake left pro-war manufacturer of consent Paul Mason (see part 12, section 14.5 “Warmongering” for earlier mention):;

In a series of recent columns, Mason called for the state-enforced suppression of facts and perspectives he considers overly sympathetic to the Kremlin, and demanded “state action” against members of the media that oppose the NATO line on Ukraine. He placed The Grayzone at the top of his fantasy censorship target list.

Mason has since announced a run for parliament on the Labour ticket to wage his crusade against “disinformation” from inside the House of Commons.

The Grayzone, meanwhile, has learned through anonymously leaked emails and documents that Mason has been engaged in a malicious secret campaign that aims to enlist the British state and “friendly” intelligence cut-outs to undermine, censor and even criminalize antiwar dissenters.

In one leaked email, Mason thundered for the “relentless deplatforming” of The Grayzone and the creation of “a kind of permanent rebuttal operation” to discredit it.

In another, the celebrity journalist declared that “the far left rogue academics is who I’m after,” then rants that he is motivated by fear of an emergent “left anti imperialist identity” which “will be attractive because liberalism doesn’t know how to counter it.”

Mason is joined in his covert crusade by Amil Khan, the founder of a shadowy intelligence contractor called Valent Projects. In the cache of leaked emails, Khan proposed to Mason the initiation of a “clever John Oliver style stunt that makes [The Grayzone] a laughing stock,” as well as a “full nuclear legal to squeeze them financially.”

The Grayzone has previously revealed Khan’s extensive involvement in the Syrian dirty war, during which he provided public relations guidance to jihadist groups, trained anti-government activists in communication strategies, and secretly oversaw supposed citizen journalist collectives backed by foreign governments. His goal was to flood international media with pro-opposition propaganda, destabilize the government of Bashar Assad, and ready the ground for Western regime change.

This ethically dubious work was conducted for a variety of intelligence-adjacent British Foreign Office contractors, such as ARK, a firm founded by probable MI6 operative Alistair Harris, and IncoStrat, which has been plausibly accused of producing propaganda for the blood-stained UK and Saudi-backed insurgents.

After leaving the Middle East, Khan reinvented himself as an expert in countering “disinformation”, and has since charged a number of blue chip clients a premium for his dubious services. As this outlet reported, the same techniques of manipulation and information warfare that Khan honed in Syria were turned against Western citizens when he oversaw a British quasi-state funded astroturf YouTube project designed to counter public skepticism of Covid-related restrictions.

Khan’s email communications with Mason illustrate the grudge he has harbored since The Grayzone exposed his devious exploits. In the missives, he descends into self-delusion, insisting this outlet’s factual, objective reporting was, in fact, state-sponsored retaliation for his crusading work “opposing military dictators and kleptocrats.”

Together, Khan and Mason plotted to assemble a coalition of anti-Grayzone actors, including the US and UK government-funded “open source” outlet Bellingcat, which Mason revealingly described as a channel for “intel service input by proxy.” Khan proposed convening the de facto Victims of Grayzone Memorial Foundation at an in-person summit to “come up with a plan that addresses [The Grayzone’s] objectives and vulnerabilities.”

At one point, he even reached out across the Atlantic for advice from Nina Jankowicz, the disgraced former head of the Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board.

It is uncertain how Mason and Khan became acquainted, but their mutual coincidence of needs, motives and vendettas is obvious. The public interest in releasing the pair’s private communications is also abundantly clear. If their planned criminalization of The Grayzone for publishing facts and opinions they abhor is successful, it will have dire ramifications for any and all journalists and independent media institutions seeking to challenge the status quo.

When approached by The Grayzone, Paul Mason declined to comment on the incriminating correspondence with Khan, and claimed to have informed local police that “an attempt was made” to hack his email account. While dismissing the leaked content as “likely to be edited, distorted or fake,” he went on to pledge he would “not cease to identify and rebut Russian disinformation operations masquerading as journalism.”

In other words, Mason implied he plans to carry on with the very activity exposed in the leaked emails.;, watch after 1:00:00;

At the center of Mason’s chart (see below) is Jeremy Corbyn. When Corbyn served as Labour leader, Mason plotted against him in private while simultaneously posing as one of his most ardent public supporters. He also sought to influence Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell in a pro-war direction.

The implication behind Mason’s Nixonian enemies chart was clear: Russia and China have weaponized the British left to corrupt key Labour constituencies — therefore the left must be neutralized.

So that’s Paul Mason going full McCarthyist and also the way of CNN+, Andrew Neil and that other embarrasing and failing older white male British newscaster Pierce Morgan.;;;

Mason’s reply to the incident on June 8 was likewise unhinged: He for instance talked about a “hack-and-leak disinformation campaign” which is a contradiction in itself since hacked or leaked information is sensitive and genuine and hence the opposite of disinformation. Like all Western mainstream media disinformers, he also rambles about “countering Russian disinformation” while creating Western disinformation and waging the “information war” against the left and workers himself like the class traitor that he is:

Caitlyn Johnstone also reported, including about how we now have a Western ‘journalist’ Paul Mason on record for having stated that Bellingcat launders information for Western intelligence:;

[I]n these private communications between a media insider and an intelligence insider, the “independent investigative journalism” outlet known as Bellingcat is described as a “proxy” for western intelligence agencies and is said to receive “a steady stream of intel” from them.

“Just as Bellingcat get a steady stream of intel from Western agencies, I suspect the attacks on you and others are fed by Russian and Chinese intel,” Mason is seen telling Khan, who has been the subject of a previous Grayzone exposé.

On the team of spinmeisters Mason and Khan were plotting to assemble to undermine anti-imperialist media, Mason said that “what it really also needs is intel service input by proxy — eg Bellingcat.

And Bellingcat founder Elliot Higgins did not really deny this:

As of this writing there has been little in the way of denial from Bellingcat of those claims the closet CIA fan Paul Mason made when he believed he was communicating in privacy. The Twitter page of its executive director and founder Eliot Higgins tweeted, “I see the Gray Zone has acquired even more hacked emails, I wonder who keeps providing them with those, hmmmm.”

When asked by a commenter if intelligence agencies leak information to Bellingcat, Higgins replied, “No and never,” which he then immediately retreated from when pressed, saying instead, “Well if we use sources that aren’t open sources we’ll use multiple independent sources to acquire the same or related data and triangulate the data to confirm its authenticity.”

Which is a mighty long pace from “No and never,” if you look at it. It’s saying well if we do get information from someone who might work for an intelligence agency, we’ll use “related data” from other sources (who themselves may or may not also have intelligence ties) to “confirm” it.

But given Bellingcat’s ties to Western and US intelligence and earlier lies by Higgins and their function as a disinformation laundromat, such denials and deflections should not come as a surprise:

People would be well advised to take anything Higgins says about his operation with a large grain of salt. In 2016 he dismissed the suggestion that his operation is funded by the CIA cutout known as the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) with a “Stop reading conspiracy websites.” Less than a year later he admitted when pressed that Bellingcat does indeed receive funding from NED.;

And Paul Mason, who now had comments turned off on Twitter in preemptive censorship of people who would point out and ridicule his Western intelligence sanctioned propaganda, could not help but to lie and embarrass himself some more by tweeting the following nonsense:;

Max Blumenthal from the Greyzone provided evidence on how “100% independent” Bellingcat is, especially from the United States’ CIA cutout NED:

Other entities which provide funding for Bellingcat such as the Durch Post Code Lottery or the Zinc Network are likewise national security state related:;

The episode with Mason and Higgins also serves to illustrate the general point that Western intelligence agencies work — including propaganize, censor and disinform — through Western mainstream media and journalists (see “Operation Mockingbird”). That understanding was already established in the 1970s, for instance by Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein in the famous 1977 Rolling Stone article “The CIA and the Media” which reveals a great many details about the CIA’s infiltration of Western media.

In the meantime, the rejection and ridicule of the unhinged pro-war and empire security state-cooperating ‘leftist’ Paul Mason continues:

15.2.3 MSM’s Censorship and Cancellation of Evidence

Aside from individuals and independent institutions which do not tow the parasitic establishment line, Western MSM censorship is furthermore directed against evidence itself, including testimonial evidence, which does not fit into the Western propaganda narrative of a good and heroic Zelenskiy/Ukraine defending ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’ against a bad and villainous Putin/Russia:;

Western MSM censorship is likewise directed against other evidence that contradicts other Western propaganda fairy tales, such as the official version of the assassination of JFK (who was most likely murdered by the US ‘national security’ state for being too ‘negotiatory’ with the USSR/Russia; this is most likely also why the Ukrainian negotiator Denis Kireev was murdered in 2022 by the Ukrainian ‘national security’ state):

15.2.4 MSM’s Hypocrisy, Double Standards and Institutional Corruption

What the above reveals is that MSM’s propaganda and censorship attempts are furthermore based on a foundation of sickening Western hypocrisy and double standards (see parts 14a to c) which starts with the lie that they are supposedly just informing their audience even though their main purpose is to manufacture consent for the parasitic 1%:

At such parasitic establishment institutions, genuine journalism does not exist. Individuals might start out with journalism and truthfulness, but these institutions pervert that over time and turn them into censorers, propagandists and manufacturers of consent:;

A key term and concept in this regard is “cognitive capture,” something that’s akin to “structural violence” in terms of the harmful and perverting effects of perverted systems, structures or institutions on individuals within them:;

By contrast, an actual and cognitively non-captured journalist who you have probably never heard of because of successful Western censorship efforts (see part 5 for similar testimonies):

15.2.5 The Collapse of MSM and Trust in Them

But there is at least one good aspect about the increasingly frantic and desperate establishment attempts of MSM to censor and manufacture consent — which is that these increasingly frantic attempts of theirs are a sign of the impending “collapse” of these sickening MSM institutions and their lies and disinformation:;

And it is good that all these establishment MSM outlets — BBC, CNN, MSNBC, etc. —are collapsing, because their main purpose and reason of existence is to manufacture consent for the 1% and their agendas which they do by trying to poison the minds of the 99%.

In light of that, it is clear why it would be better if they did not exist and why, in fact, they should all be razed to the ground, never to rise again. We already have proper independent journalists, newscasters and commentators outside of them, and we would be so much better off if BBC, CNN, MSNBC and their ilk disappeared forever, so that is what we should be aiming for and trying to accomplish. Just let them die and kill them off for good.

15.3 Censorship by Fake ‘Factchecking’ or ‘Anti-Disinformation’ Bodies

As the equivalent to propaganda by nominally independent think tanks/lobbying organisations or foundations, there are also such censorship or cancellation efforts by fake factchecking or anti-disinformation bodies which are nominally independent but which are likewise funded by states or corporations and which have identical agendas.

15.3.1 Stopfake

One such fake factchecking body is the Ukrainian organisation Stopfake that was created after the US-backed Maidan coup in 2014 and that has for instance been whitewashing Ukrainian Banderite neonazis, including in collaboration with the US Minister of Truth Nina Jankowicz. To quote from the following article:;

Azov — which is now a premier hub of transnational white supremacy — has been extensively covered by Western media outlets, including by me in The Nation. Its nature was well known by the time of Jankowicz’s 2017 StopFake video. (In a 2020 book, Jankowicz briefly acknowledged Azov is a “far-right group,” but immediately pivoted to portraying them as victims of a Russian hoax.) [= the manipulative means of backpedalling or semi-concessions that we can also observe in Orr Bueno in section 15.4.3]

During Jankowicz’s tenure with StopFake (her last known episode aired May 21, 2017), the disinformation site continued being touted as a pioneer in combating Russian propaganda. In March 2017, a fawning Politico story heralded StopFake as the “grand wizards” of the anti-fake news ecosystem. It was an ironically prophetic description, given that Jankowicz’s misleading “nothing to see here” report about the battalions turned out to be a mere fraction of what StopFake has done for Ukraine’s far right.

By 2018, StopFake started defending C14, a neo-Nazi gang that conducted horrific pogroms of Ukraine’s Roma. After media outlet Hromadske described C14 as neo-Nazi, one of StopFake’s founders tweeted “for Hromadske, C14 is ‘neo-Nazi,’ in reality one of them — Oleksandr Voitko — is a war veteran and before going to the war — alum and faculty at @MohylaJSchool, journalist at Foreign news desk at Channel 5. Now also active participant of war veterans grass-root organization,” as if the fact that the gang has a veteran somehow precludes it from being neo-Nazi.

In 2020, StopFake defended C14 in a press release. The same year, news broke that C14 was aiding Kyiv police in enforcing Covid quarantine measures; StopFake labeled this fake news, denying C14 is far-right, describing it as a “community organization” instead, and citing C14’s own denial of carrying out anti-Roma pogroms as “evidence” of its innocence.

In reality, C14’s ties to Ukrainian authorities have been verified by Radio Free Europe (US government–run media), among others. By now, even the US State Department classifies C14 as a “nationalist hate group.”

StopFake has also continued defending the Azov Battalion. Last month, StopFake tweeted that the unit — which was formed out of a neo-Nazi gang, uses two neo-Nazi symbols on its insignia, and has been documented as neo-Nazi by numerous Western outlets — “doesn’t profess #Nazi views as official ideology,” labeling stories about Azov and neo-Nazism as fake news.

This is particularly disturbing because in February, Facebook reversed its ban on praising Azov. Facebook had previously banned the Azov battalion’s account as well as posts celebrating the neo-Nazi organization. The reversal is stunning, given the platform’s professed commitment to combating far-right extremism.

It’s unclear whether StopFake played a role in Facebook’s decision to lift its Azov ban, but considering StopFake is Facebook’s official fact-checking partner, it’s hard to believe the group’s track record of whitewashing Azov wasn’t a factor.

The “grand wizards” of battling fake news have even dabbled with Holocaust distortion, downplaying WWII-era paramilitaries who slaughtered Jews as mere “historic figures” and Ukrainian nationalist leaders, while attacking members of the US Congress who had denounced Ukraine’s glorification of Nazi collaborators.

Astonishingly, when Jankowicz herself was quoted in a July 2020 New York Times story about StopFake’s going off the rails, the article failed to disclose the fact that the disinformation expert being quoted used to work with the group.

Painting neo-Nazi paramilitaries with an extensive record of war crimes as patriots helping refugees, all while working with a “disinformation” group that turned out to run interference for violent neo-Nazi formations — that’s the experience Biden’s new disinformation czar brings to the table.

15.3.2 NewsGuard

NewsGuard is another such fake factchecking body with an intentionally misleading name that censors and cancels truths or likely truthful narratives that are inconvenient for the US empire of lies. To understand what NewsGuard are all about, you only need to know that they have people like Anders Fogh Rasmussen — the former NATO Secretary General(!) — on their board.

See The Greyzone’s email from April 27, 2022, for many more such unsavory details which clearly confirm that fake factchecking or anti-disinformation bodies such as NewsGuard are nothing but fronts or disguises for the US empire and its attempts to manufacture consent for its pro-war and overall omnicidal agenda, including by censoring those who are opposed to these insanities:

15.3.3 The Zionist Anti-Defamation League (ADL)

It works the same Orwellian way with the ‘Anti-Defamation’ League (1913-), an infamous entity that is nominally against defamation of Jews but de facto very heavily invested in censoring and defaming others and especially those who shed light on some very ugly truths about the settler-colonialist apartheid regime of Israel.

In the following case, they agitate for big tech censorship against Telegram since Telegram is one of the currently existing ways by way of which you can go around mainstream media propaganda and censorship. Falsely framing it as a right-wing only issue is their and others’ usual excuse for across-the-board censorship of, last but not least, left voices:

15.4 Proofpoint

A newer pro-Israeli Orwellian censorship and anti-thoughtcrime body whose existence and operations once again confirm how intelligence services have infiltrated and perverted mainstream media is Proofpoint:;;

15.4 Censorship in Education and Academia

Mainstream Western education and academia is another source of censorship and cancellation of, by and for the parasitic 1%. Censorship in that area is once again largely an extension or continuation of political or state censorship, and one of the entities and political and state lobbies which has afflicted the most and worst type of censorship at least in the West is, once again, right-wing (extremist) Zionist Israel and the Israeli Zionist right-wing (extremist) lobby.

One prominent censorship victim of far-right Zionist Israel among many such victims is Professor David Miller, an expert on Islamophobia and Zionism who eventually got fired by the cowardly University of Bristol which bowed to Israeli Zionist censorship efforts that were based on trumped up anti-Semitism charges. From this Electronic Intifada article by Asa Winstanley:;

A second University of Bristol report exonerated Professor David Miller of anti-Semitism, a leaked document shows.

Written by a leading UK lawyer, the document concludes that “there is no formal case to answer against Professor Miller” and that he had not “exceeded the boundaries of unacceptable speech.”

Despite this, Bristol university fired Miller in October, after a long campaign against him by Israel and its lobby.

David Miller is one of the UK’s leading experts on the Israel lobby, Islamophobia and the Zionist movement.

The leaked document, obtained by The Electronic Intifada, is dated May 2021. As we revealed in October, an earlier report by the same lawyer also exonerated Miller of anti-Semitism.

You can read the new document in full below, with the lawyer’s name redacted.

A Bristol university spokesperson declined to comment substantively on the leaked document, citing the confidentiality of Miller’s appeal against his dismissal. The university also asserted that it wanted the process to be “treated with integrity.”

The university’s registrar and secretary Lucinda Parr then followed up with a demand that The Electronic Intifada reveal the source of the leaked document, which this publication declined to do.

The second report was commissioned specifically to investigate a public talk Miller gave on 13 February and an article he wrote for The Electronic Intifada a week later.

In the article Miller argued that “Britain is in the grip of an assault on its public sphere by the state of Israel and its advocates.”

It detailed how the Zionist campaign against Miller was only one part of a larger push by Israel and its lobby to impose their will in the UK. The Electronic Intifada thoroughly fact checked the article in our usual manner.

But as already explained by the former Israeli minister and left-wing politician Shulamit Aloni in a 2002 Democracy Now interview with Amy Goodman, “anti-semitism” is a “trick” and false allegation that Israel and Zionists constantly use to manufacture consent and to censor sane opposition to their insane policies (the following is from part 7 of my Israel-Palestine series):

“It’s a trick, we always use it. When from Europe somebody’s criticizing Israel, then we bring out the Holocaust. When in this country [i.e. the USA] people are criticizing Israel, then they’re anti-Semitic. And the organisation is strong and has a lot of money, and the ties between Israel and American Jewish establishment are very strong. […] As you know, they have power, which is okay. They’re talented people, and they have power, money and media and other things. And their attitude is Israel my country, right or wrong — the identification. And they are not ready to hear criticism. And it’s very easy to blame people who criticize certain acts of the Israeli government as anti-Semitics, and use to bring up the Holocaust and the suffering of the Jewish people. And that is to justify everything we do to the Palestinians.”

It would even be correct to say that, like other states, the entire state of Israel is founded on lies or “nationalist myths” (part 12, section 14.2). In Israel’s case, leading nationalist myths and lies are that (NM1) Israel is supposedly built on “a land without people for a people without land”

that (NM2) “the land was promised or given to the Jews by God/Jahwe/YHWH” — earlier greedy-insane US counterparts spoke of “providence” here, as in God kindly ‘providing’ them with land— and (NM3) the already discussed cult(ure) of Jewish victimhood (part 4; also part 7 of the Israel-Palestine series) whereby “Jews are always victims, never perpetrators.”

The perhaps worst lie on which Israel rests, however, is (NM4) the denial or omission of its fundamental “settler-colonialist” nature and the denial or omission of the inherently “eliminative” consequences of that settler-colonialism for the native population:

Settler colonialism is a structure that perpetuates the elimination of indigenous people and cultures to replace them with a settler society.[1][2] According to Patrick Wolfe, “settler colonialism is inherently eliminatory but not invariably genocidal,” and can be enacted by a variety of means ranging from violent depopulation of the previous inhabitants to less deadly means such as assimilation or recognition of indigenous identity within a colonial framework.[3]

As with all forms of colonialism, it is based on exogenous domination, typically organized or supported by an imperial authority.[1] Settler colonialism contrasts with exploitation colonialism, which entails a economic policy of conquering territory to exploit its population as cheap or free labor and its natural resources as raw material. In this way, settler colonialism lasts indefinitely, except in the rare event of complete evacuation or settler decolonization.[3]

The parallels to the criminal settler-colonialist past of the USA should obvious. This in turn partially explains why these two insane states support each other and provide cover for each others’ lies:

And the truth about Israel’s settler colonialism — essentially a repeat of what white settlers did to native Americans (displacement, genocide, racism, torture, cultural appropriation, etc.) — is so ugly that Zionists cannot do anything other than lie about it to others and also to themselves in order to try to sell their very ugly settler-colonialist project.

These Zionist lies also include Orwellian attempts to censor ugly truths about Israel in US education via Zionist bodies such as the deceptively named Institute for Curriculum Services (ICS):;

Requested ICS changes to public school textbooks included:

  • Replace “settlers” with “communities,” “occupation” with “control of,” “wall” with “security fence,” “occupied territories” with “captured areas,” and “militant” with “terrorist.”
  • Discourage students from conducting open internet research, and instead recommend the Anti-Defamation League’s website and the
  • Delete all references to “Palestinian Territories.”
  • Change maps to recognize Israeli annexation of East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, instead of classifying these areas as occupied.

A particularly Orwellian because not just 1948 Nakba-denying but more so Nakba-reversing passage by the ICS is the following:

The terms “occupied territories” and “settlers” are loaded terms and politicized words, favoring a particular perspective. Jews have had a continuous presence in the region. There were Jewish communities in these areas until 1948, when the Jewish residents fled or were expelled by the Arab fighters.(!)

More Orwellian insanities proposed by the ICS include the following:

ICS reviewed the textbooks from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Pearson Scott Foresman and Prentice-Hall, McGraw-Hill, Teachers Curriculum Institute, Studies Weekly, National Geographic Learning, Discovery Education, Pearson Prentice Hall, and First Choice Educational Publishing. ICS proposed edits include:

  • Delete mentions of “Palestine” and the “West Bank.”
  • Change “Palestine” to “Judah,” the ancient Israelite kingdom.
  • Add “Mandate” and “Region” to references of Palestine.
  • Delete reference to “Palestinian cultural heritage.”
  • Change “Jews settled there” to “Jews joined those [Jews] already there.”
  • Delete reference to Israel capturing the West Bank in 1967.

In Louisiana, the North Louisiana Jewish Federation, Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans and the Jewish Federation of Baton Rouge sent a letter to the state’s Department of Education on behalf of ICS recommending ICS revisions to content published by the American Book Company, The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, Studies Weekly, Edmentum, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and Brown University’s The Choices Program. ICS changes to these texts include:

  • Delete “rightfully” from sentence “The Arabs believed Israel had stolen land that rightfully belonged to Palestinian Arabs.”
  • Delete mentions of Israel “seizing territory” from Arab nations.
  • Add information describing Palestinian President Yasser Arafat as “directing countless terrorist attacks against Israelis.”
  • Delete student exercise to “[w]rite an unbiased essay that explores all sides of the issue of West Bank settlements.”
  • Delete mentions of “The Green Line,” “The wall,” and “Land lost by the wall” on maps.
  • Delete reason for Arab states rejecting the UN partition plan.
  • Add “Mandate” to references of Palestine
  • Delete mentions of “historic Palestine” and mentions of Palestine as a “land” or “country.”
  • Add references to acts of Palestinian terrorism
  • Place liberation of Palestine in quotes
  • Delete “natives of Palestine” in definition of Palestinians
  • Delete references to Palestinians inhabiting the land for thousands of years.
  • Add information describing Zionism as a movement for Jewish self-determination.
  • Add Israel retaliates in “self-defense” to Palestinian attacks.
  • Delete sentence “Israel disproportionately uses the bulk of the water from those aquifers [in the Occupied West Bank] for its population.”
  • Mention “Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East.”
  • Delete mention of Israel being” accused of many human rights abuses against Palestinians in the territories it occupies…[and] treating its Arab-Israeli citizens as inferior to its Jewish citizens” and replace it with “Israeli Arabs, who are Israeli citizens, have the same full legal rights as Israeli Jews.”

Erasing the existence of Palestine and the indigenous identity of Palestinians was a common theme in ICS revisions.

Similar efforts should be expected with regard to falsely rewriting the Banderite neonazi ridden history of Ukraine.

15.4.2 On the ‘Liberal’ Censorship and Concentration Camp Proponent Kester Ratliff and Other Such Good- and Doublethinking Students

If successful, the effects of such manufacturing of consent in education and academia consist in students parroting that drivel. One such example is Kester Ratcliff, a presumably liberal student at the University of Amsterdam who currently flies a Ukrainian flag on his Facebook pictures like all the other successfully propagandized Orwellian goodthinkers and who thinks that I, an independent philosopher and journalist, should be “deplatformed and interned” for my Orwellian badthink:; ;

I try to enlighten him about some basic facts, but like all cultists, he completely blocks off evidence and actual truths from outside of his bubble and Platonic cave:;

Unfortunately, Kester is by no means an isolated case. He instead belongs to the horde of other deeply propagandized and entirely uncritical and predominantly ‘liberal’ students who got Orwellian goodthink (adhering to authority-sanctioned orthodoxy) and doublethink (holding impossible contradictions such as being a liberal authoritarian censorer) ingrained into them and who are consequently acting aggressively against Orwellian badthinkers such as myself or others, including the critical thinker and professor Tim Hayward (note that the following BBC article was co-authored by the well-known empire propagandist Chloe Hadjimatheou):;;;;

Paul Mason, the warmongering ‘leftist’ Starmerite manufacturer of consent from the New Statesman (see part 12, section 14.5, for earlier mention), used the occasion to once again demonstrate to the world that he is a ridiculous useful idiot for empire who does not even understand basics:;;;

My own reply to Paul Mason (see part 8 for the details):

I personally noticed and experienced the very same censorship at the Vienna-based and George Soros-funded Central European University which is another such neo- or pseudo-liberal Orwellian cesspool and political brainwashing facility that mass-produces Orwellian goodthinkers who are totally incapable of questioning authority and orthodoxy.

15.4.3 On the ‘Liberal’ Mis-/Disinformation ‘Expert’ Caroline Orr Bueno and the 2022 Buffalo White Supremacist Shooting

To further confirm and demonstrate that liberal Orwellian insanity about mis- and disformation such as the one put on display by Nina Jankowicz (part 13) or Kester Ratliff are not the exceptions but the rule or systemic and built into mainstream (higher) education and academia, I will analyse similar statements and actions by Caroline Orr Bueno (PhD!), another such ‘feminist’/intersectional imperialist who is a postdoc researcher into mis- and disinformation who just so happens to be spreading mis- or disinformation from her liberal establishment cult, bubble, echo-chamber or Platonic cave., May 15, 2022, May 17, 2022

Orr Bueno’s comments were occasioned by the white supremacist and Twitch livestreamed mass shooting by Payton Gendron (18) in the US city of Buffalo —an event that also happened on account of US society being a very healthy society that supports other such very healthy societies:

And what does the liberal Orwellian goodthinker Orr Bueno do on such an occasion? Instead of seeing the bigger picture and drawing the to be drawn connections, she 1) concentrates on rather irrelevant details like other academic “intellectuals yet idiots” and fragmenters while 2) subtly whitewashing the neonazi Azov batallion which is inspired by the very same white supremacist ideology, including by her own account:;;;;

While doing so, she also 3) commits the either-or fallacy, thinking that something must be either this or that, either white or black, when that something actually can be and often enough is both or something in-between:

The unintentional misinformer or intentional disinformer Orr ‘Not So’ Bueno who is a researcher at an intelligence and (national) security ‘laboratory’/brainwashing institute furthermore 4) commited a straw man fallacy, i.e. “an informal fallacy of having the impression of refuting an argument, whereas the real subject of the argument was not addressed or refuted, but instead replaced with a false one.” She did that when she, clearly a liberal Godsend like Jankowicz and Ratliff, falsely represents some of the world’s most important independent journalists and leftists in general as having stated that the shooter was inspired by Azov.

Other Tweeters also noticed that ‘Orrwellian’ strawman and commented on it as follows:;

And it is in this context where Orr Bueno subtly whitewashes Ukrainian neonazis. Others once again took note of and commented on that as follows:;;;

What is also apparent here are 5) Orr Bueno’s contradiction of officially condemning while subtly whitewashing Ukrainian Banderite neonazis and 6) her respective hypocrisy, double standards and Or(r)wellian doublethink by which she reconciles that contradiction:;;

Based on her Orwellian cult-like ‘thinking’ and McCarthyism whereby all bigger picture understanding leftists who disagree with amazing US (proxy) wars abroad are bad and Putin’s stooges, she then 7) goes on a witch and conspiracy theorist hunt against actual independent and critical journalists and Orwellian badthinkers:

Orr Bueno’s disingenuousness or incapacity to see the bigger picture here is mind-blowing and typical for the insane academic fragmentation of everything, because just like the Buffalo shooter Payton Gendron, Azov and Ukrainian Banderites in general are likewise part of “a murderous white supremacist movement” that we are also opposed to. She, by contrast, subtly whitewashes and disassociates Azov from the white supremacist movement despite clear links by spouting crazy conspiratorial crap such as the following (which is fine because it’s liberal crazy conspiratorial crap):

Orr Bueno then 8) commits an association fallacy, i.e. “an informal inductive fallacy of the hasty-generalization or red-herring type and which asserts, by irrelevant association and often by appeal to emotion, that qualities of one thing are inherently qualities of another. Two types of association fallacies are sometimes referred to as guilt by association and honor by association.” Her association fallacy consists in smearing the journalist Aaron Mate with guilt by association:

And hold your breath, here comes the conclusive proof that Aaron Maté is Putin’s agent: Both he and the Russian UN Representative used the same adjective “awkward”!;

Orr Bueno got mercilessly ridiculed for this liberal groupthink insanity of hers, and rightfully so:;;;;;

As a point that Orr Bueno overlooked and could not be bothered to reply to at least so far, she ironically and in what amounts to yet another perfect example of liberal hypocrisy and double standards 9) falsely accused anti-establishment leftists of something which the liberal and pro-establishment NYT already did in 2019 (but I guess if the liberal NYT does it, then that’s fine). By that I mean that the NYT — and in 2020 also a former Congressman and an FBI agent — drew exactly the same connection between white supremacy, Azov and mass shooters as leftists did recently:;

As indicated by this 2021 Time article, there is furthermore evidence that Azov actually did influence US white supremacists, meaning that Azov could very well have influenced the Buffalo shooter and white supremacist Payton Gendron at least indirectly:;

But even when confronted with evidence and a clear and conrete analysis of her liberal groupthink insanity and her methodological mistakes, that information most likely wont register as that in Orr Bueno’s authoritarian, propagandized and cult-like mind as such just as it did not register in the likewise minds of Jason Stanley (part 4) or Kester Ratliff (above) who inhabit the fundamentally same Platonian cave.

Her and their failure to comprehend that of course also has to do with the fact that 10) these insane liberals blindly believe oligarch-owned and consent-manufacturing MSM such as the WaPo as if they were the Holy Bible and with never a thought as to how badly truth is twisted by these sources:

The disinformation that the WaPo and Orr Bueno are spreading here is that it is supposedly only very evil right-wingers who are opposed to such a Ministry of Truth. But not everyone on the right has bad intentions, and we on the left are just as or even more opposed, as should be anyone who has read and understood Orwell’s 1984:;

It is also worth noting that the person who wrote that WaPo establishment propaganda piece is one Taylor Lorenz, another totally insane authoritarian pro-censorship ‘liberal’ who received support from the likewise insane ‘liberal’ Minister of Truth Nina Jankowicz:;;;

On Taylor Lorenz’ lack of journalistic integrity which is on a par with the lack of integrity of Jankowicz or Orr Bueno:;

Her article cites two YouTube personalities, “LegalBytes” host Alyte Mazeika and an anonymous user named ThatUmbrellaGuy. Lorenz alleged that according to Business Insider, Mazeika “earned $5,000 in one week by pivoting the content on her YouTube channel to nonstop trial coverage and analysis.” She also claimed that ThatUmbrellaGuy “earned up to $80,000 last month, according to an estimate by social analytics firm Social Blade.”

Included in the paragraph was a parenthetical statement reading, “Mazeika and ThatUmbrellaGuy did not respond to requests for comment.”

Both Mazeika and ThatUmbrellaGuy refuted the statement, saying Lorenz never reached out to them prior to publication of her story.

“Um. This says I didn’t respond to requests to comment? I know I’ve gotten a lot of emails over the past two months, but I’ve just double checked for your name, @TaylorLorenz, and I see no email from you,” Mazeika called out the Washington Post columnist. “Also, I didn’t suddenly pivot. I started covering this before trial began.”


ThatUmbrellaGuy similarly called out the Post’s article.

The Washington Post LIED and DID NOT contact me before including me in their story on Johnny Depp, despite reporting they did so,” the YouTuber tweeted, sharing time stamps of his tweet calling out the article and Lorenz’s email to him sent minutes later.

He later continued, “The Washington Post also FLAGRANTLY misrepresented my earnings report and needs to correct it. Social Blade says I made between $4.9k and $79.1k. They ADDED TO the highest estimate, overreporting for dramatic effect.”


The Washington Post article appeared to have been stealth-edited, removing the claim that Lorenz had reached out to the YouTubers for comment without an editor’s note acknowledging the change.;

As pointed out by Christie Smythe in a reply to Glenn Greenwald and as reported in a 2021 NY Post article, an Ariadna Jacob is currently sueing Taylor Lorenz for defamation:;

Orr Bueno’s mistake 11, if you still care about it: A classic “tu quoque fallacy”, i.e.

a discussion technique that intends to discredit the opponent’s argument by attacking the opponent’s own personal behavior and actions as being inconsistent with their argument, therefore accusing hypocrisy. This specious reasoning is a special type of ad hominem attack. “Whataboutism” is one particularly well known instance of this technique.;

Her transparent tu quoque (“you too”) fallacy is garnished with even more liberal disingenuousness, hypocrisy and double standards that reveal her as a Democratic party operative and professional disinformer (at this point it is too much to be coincidence):;

Others already correctly pointed out to her that she ultimately does “mental gymnastics” on a “Jedi [or Sith] level,” but in true ‘Orrwellian’ fashion, she regards her ostentatious ignorance as her strength and incorrectly blames other far more insightful individuals for being ignorant like a true “intellectual yet idiot”:

And the best/worst of all of that is that dangerously deluded and liberal Or(r)wellian goodthinkers like Orr Bueno or the already discussed Minister of Truth/Propaganda/Censorship Nina Jankowicz a) ‘teach’/indoctrinate at university or b) will be heading literal disinformation boards that determine truth and falsehood based on the currently prevailing political dictates and fashions. We also need to consider the possibility that she is a deep state agent and that her academic endeavors serve as a cover for that; it would be a routine thing in intelligence just like, for instance, diplomatic covers.

To preempt another predictable bullshit excuse of ‘feminists’/intersectional imperialists like Orr Bueno or Jankowicz: I must clearly be a male chauvinist pig to have written the above. I could not possibly have objected to their insane bullshit on account of it being insane bullshit and on account of me generally being opposed to insane bullshit independently of who/what utters it. That’s what professional disinformers for empire like Jankowicz or Orr Bueno who also populate education and academia would typically have you believe.


As demonstrated above, watching prestigious or legacy mainstream media, believing supposed fact-checking bodies, or having a quality higher education are anything but guarantees that you wont fall for the disinformation and lies of propaganda by the parasitic 1%.

Instead, if anything and due to all of these sources or institutions being well-connected to the rotten establishment, doing the above is rather a guarantee that you will be and in all likelihood are deeply propagandized since all of these sources censor truth and create an Orwellian upside-down world on behalf of the parasitic 1% to varying degrees.

In other words: There is no substitute for critically thinking for yourself and doing your own research. Otherwise, you will end up like other intensely stupid people and typically liberal academic “intellectuals yet idiots” such as Jason Stanley or Caroline Orr Bueno who sit in their bubble, cult, echo-chamber or Platonic cave and on their dangerous half-knowledge and who reject, censor and wildly misinterpret the clearest possible evidence — and those from outside and far above their Platonic cave — simply because that clear evidence is contradictory to their degenerate and groupthink-generated worldviews and backward methods.

(That’s also why current “normal” philosophy and science need to be razed to the ground and replaced by “revolutionary” and vastly improved versions or “paradigms,” but more about that elsewhere).




independent philosopher ( and journalist, Global Civil Society Network founder (, Tweets @GFlock_GCSN.

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Gregor Flock

Gregor Flock

independent philosopher ( and journalist, Global Civil Society Network founder (, Tweets @GFlock_GCSN.

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