The Ukraine-Russia-USA Conflict, Part 7: British Defense Secretary Wallace Offers Fake Ukrainian Prime Minister Help in “Exploring New/Nuclear Weapons”

Part 7 will discuss how the Russian comedy and prankster duo Vovan & Lexus fooled not only British Home Secretary Priti Patel but more so the British Defense/Offense/War Secretary Ben Wallace into thinking they were having a conversation with the incumbent Ukraininan Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal and how that brought to light the British War Secretary illegally offering Ukraine help with acquiring or developing nuclear weapons. [see part 1 for sections 1 & 2; part 2 for sections 3 & 4; part 3 for section 5; part 4 for section 6; part 5 for section 7, part 6 for section 8]

9.1 Vovan & Lexus vs. the British Home Secretary Priti Patel;;

9.2 Vovan & Lexus vs. the British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace

The more critical conversation is the one with the British Defense/Offense/War Secretary Wallace in which he offers the fake Ukrainian Prime Minister help in “exploring new weapons”:;

Concerning attacking Russian ships and airplanes directly, Wallace states: “Not at this stage will we be doing this.” But “We will help you with a whole range of weapons”:

Contrary to all the warnings and correct predictions of US experts and even Joe Biden back in 1997 (see part 1, section 2) who advised against NATO eastward expansion since that would lead to conflict with Russia, Wallace admits that “Britain was one of those countries that wanted you to join NATO, right?”:

The craziest parts are the following during which Wallace, when asked about whether Britain would help Ukraine “continue the nuclear (weapons) program,” stated that Britain “will support Ukraine” if they want to “explore new weapons”:

Vovan & Lexus: “We would like to continue the nuclear program in order to protect ourselves from Russia. It’s a difficult question, but if you could help us in this regard, it would be really imporant.

Wallace: “Ok. Well, I, I, I, ah, Mr. Prime Minister, on all those bigger questions […], I need to speak to my Prime Minister. […]

The principle is: We will support Ukraine, as our friend, in the choices you make […] whether you want to explore new weapons, etc. That is all a matter for you to decide […]

And the following part leaves no doubt that Wallace is talking about “nuclear weapon(s)”:

Wallace: “Any proposals you talk about, uh, uh, something that the UK would discuss on your acquisition of a nucular or, I mean, you think you want to explore a nuclear weapon.

I think I would just be very careful about all of that. You know, I think(!) we are a signatory to the Nuclear Proliferation(!) Act [i.e. the Treaty on the NON-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons]. We can’t be seen, uh, uh, to be doing that. […] So I think you have to be very careful with that.

Further interesting insights, including into the mental state of Wallace, in other parts of the video include the following:

“I(!) have troops in Poland, I have troops in Estonia, I have troops in Lithuania” [what happened to “Britain has”?]

“So if some idiot from Cardiff decides to give an interview, he’s probably an idiot.” [= the fallacy of assuming the conclusion]

9.3 The Aftermath

Note that The Guardian regards these prank-leaks as genuine and that they raise the following serious question(s):;

Russia also takes this information seriously and they are clearly ‘not amused’ about the prospect of nuclear weapons in the hands of russophobic Ukrainian neonazis:

Those responsible and caught in this for them embarrasing affair do what they usually do in such a situation: Deny, lie some more, censor, and threaten:

There are several giveaways for why it is most likely actually the British who disseminate “disinformation” and not the Russians:

  1. First, the MoD just bluntly stated that the videos are “doctored clips” Russian “disinformation” without explaining how in terms of a technical analysis (‘you just gotta believe authority’).
  2. Second and as pointed out by Wyatt Reed, the British MoD does “not dispute the substance” of what was said about “exploring new/nuclear weapons.”
  3. Third, the MoD is instead clearly more concerned about its weapons systems and military aid to Ukraine somehow being seen as lacking — something that would be bad for business and bad for the morale of the Ukrainian forces that also fight the British proxy war against Russia.
  4. Fourth, whenever they use deeply propagandistic bullshit terms such as “‘national’ security” and “freedom” or “democracy,” they lie.
  5. The same applies to “international law” and “human rights” which they clearly do not care about either. Their genuine concerns are profits and geopolitical goals.
  6. Sixth, they threaten like the lying NatSec psychopaths that they are:;

The ‘freedom’-loving Orwellian West reacted to these important pranks and leaks via censorship:


We have in my opinion very good evidence that the British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace indeed offered Ukraine help in the aquisition of a nuclear weapons program or nuclear weapons — something which is a huge scandal and goes completely against international law, as Wallace himself admitted.

We therefore should not put it past the UK or the USA if they provided Ukraine with biological or chemical weapons or respective technologies either. That is something that must be kept in mind if an actual (or purely invented) biological or chemical weapons incident should happen, because the West would be quick to (falsely) pin such an incident on Russia or Putin in just the same way that they falsely pinned chemical attacks on Syria or Assad in false flag operations from 2013 to 2018.

I am also mentioning this in light of some possible new evidence for such attempts:

[continue to part 8]




independent philosopher ( and journalist, Global Civil Society Network founder (, Tweets @GFlock_GCSN.

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Gregor Flock

Gregor Flock

independent philosopher ( and journalist, Global Civil Society Network founder (, Tweets @GFlock_GCSN.

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